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Creating a more sustainable world, one city at a time!

For the first time in history, the majority of the world’s population lives in cities, and cities consume 75% of the world’s natural resources. This website has been developed explicitly to ensure that leading edge sustainability Best Practices are easily accessible and replicable in any jurisdiction. Best Practices are organized within the seven categories of the Urban Environmental Accords. Please join us!

Green Cities California (GCC) is a coalition...

California Citiesof California’s largest and most environmentally progressive jurisdictions. These leaders are developing and implementing cutting edge sustainability policies and practices, and have proven experience solving urban environmental challenges.

Our Mission is to accelerate local, regional, national and international adoption of sustainability policies and practices through collaborative effort.

Opportunity: The adoption of local environmental policies can have a profound impact on environmental protection, and a well-crafted local ordinance can help shape state policy.

Problem: Developing such legislation, however, is exceedingly time-consuming.

Solution: GCC has created this easily accessible and free repository of Best Practices in sustainability policy that cities and counties can download and adapt for their communities. We provide everything needed to justify and directly implement new policy, including the policy document, staff report, and outreach materials.

Best Practices are organized around the seven categories of the Urban Environmental Accords: Energy, Waste Reduction, Urban Design, Urban Nature, Transportation, Environmental Health and Water.

What Cities Can Do:  Become a Green Cities Member!

What Local Policymakers and their Staff Can Do:
1) Replicate a best practice in your jurisdiction.
2) Submit a Best Practice to add to GCC’s collection!

What Civic Organizations Can Do: Use our materials to lobby for sustainable policies in your jurisdiction.

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Last updated August 24, 2014


GCC policies have resulted in...

  • Conversion of over 665 million sheets of paper to 100% recycled content each year, which saves:
  • 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Almost 80,000 trees
  • More than 23 million gallons of water
  • More than 6,600 barrels of oil
  • 1,633,302 plastic water bottles from being landfilled, which saves:
  • GCC member cities over
    $1.6 Million